Andrea Cabibi has worked with captive wildlife within international zoo communities for over 35 years in the USA, Europe and Canada. She has developed wildlife refuges high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, rehabilitated thousands of injured animals and birds in the Florida Everglades and developed captive breeding and release programs for endangered species. She has received specialized training in avian artificial insemination from the Smithsonian National Zoo and developed the successful artificial insemination program for cranes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where she worked as Animal Care Manager of the bird department. Andrea has experience with over 400 different species ranging from aardwolves to condors to elephants. She has also been instrumental in developing an ‘adverse conditioning’ program for urban black bear populations, to encourage co-habitation with wildlife, and she has written protocols for the rehabilitation of orphaned bear cubs. Andrea has held many positions in zoos over the years from keeper, lead keeper, veterinary technician, assistant manager, wildlife manager and animal care manager. She has been actively involved in the Light-Footed Clapper Rail recovery program in California and acts as a consultant for the Northern Spotted Owl recovery program in Canada.
Andrea, and her husband Phillip, own a ranch in Southern California. They have a large collection of birds, tortoises, horses and dogs. In a desire to share her expertise, Andrea has created 'Taxonyx Reproductive Science Inc', to bring science, vitality and higher education to other bird breeders. She has developed the Artificial Insemination Kit for Bird Breeders and created the Sick Bird Treatment Kit and the Bird Parasite Identification and Treatment Kit. Her latest project is to develop protocols for the freezing (cryopreservation) of bird sperm and she intends to provide an Avian Sperm Bank service for bird breeders across the world.

She has carefully chosen bird medications for sale that she has found most effective to treat, or prevent, diseases. Andrea frequently gives presentations to organizations and clubs on advanced animal, bird and reptile breeding techniques and provides consultation on all aspects of animal husbandry.
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Andrea is a member of the American Canary Fanciers Association, the San Diego County Canary Club, the Western Waterslager Club, the American Norwich Society, the North County Aviculturists Club, the Finch Society of San Diego County and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
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Reproductive Science Inc
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