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Nail scissors
Angled nail clippers
Kwik Stop Powder
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Kwik Stop Styptic Powder
Nail Clippers
Quick Finder
Nail Clippers
Nail Shaper Finishing Tool
The QuickFinder® electronic safety nail clipper uses QuickSensor® technology to sense a pet’s quick giving lighted visual clues when it is safe to clip. For small animals, cats, small dogs
Designed to take the sharp edges off newly trimmed nails that can scratch people and furniture. Simply insert the nail into the end of the barrel and twist to shape and smooth edges. Use for dogs, cats and large birds
Angled nail clippers, especially for small birds.
Clippers for cats, small animals, large birds and reptiles
Stops bleeding from nails, beaks or minor cuts. Contains Benzocaine for pain relief
Blood Stop Cauterizer
Reproductive Science Inc
Blood Stop Cauterizer
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Nail Shaper
Quick Finder
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