Here at Cabibi's Canaries we feed a pellet diet to our birds. This hugely reduces the waste and mess associated with a seed diet, especially considering that 20-50% of seed consists of the hull which is thrown away. We feed Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet from January through the breeding season until October. Then we switch to Mazuri® Small Bird Maintenance Diet until the beginning of January. Our birds also receive regular vegetables and fruits throughout the week. We buy our food at
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Our Canary Diet

Below are instructions on how to switch a seed eating canary onto a
pelleted diet:

•To switch birds from seeds (or any diet they are currently being fed) to Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet, do a gradual changeover. Start with 90% seed (or current diet) and 10% Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet. On each succeeding day, reduce the amount of seeds by 10% while increasing the amount of Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet by 10%. On the 10th day, the diet should consist only of Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet.
•Monitor the bird’s weight and behavior carefully during the conversion period. Be especially attentive during the 10th to 12th day. If the bird is losing weight, or if the bird is not consuming the product, offer the bird a mix of 50% seed and 50% Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet and restart the conversion process from this point. If the bird is not eating, the excreta color will become dark green and the volume will decrease. If the bird is consuming the Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder Diet, the excreta will be a brownish-green color.
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