Artificial Insemination Kit
for Bird Breeders
We have finally finished the ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION KIT for Canary/Finch Breeders and also for Small Parrot Breeders and for Pigeon and Dove Breeders! The kits include all the equipment needed to bring artificial insemination into your Bird Room and includes a detailed and fully illustrated book with all the instructions. Videos of all the techniques are also provided to anyone who has purchased the kit. I have been developing these techniques over the last several years. It has been FANTASTICALLY effective in my bird room and at my job in the zoo saving endangered bird species. The instructions are easy to follow and you don't need anything other than the Artificial Insemination Kit.

I have been working as a manager in zoos in the USA, Canada and Britain for over 35 years, specializing in breeding birds and endangered species. I have worked with over 400 different species of birds and animals. I was specially trained to perform artificial insemination on birds at National Zoo and went on to manage the artificial insemination program for cranes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I have spent several years developing this Artificial Insemination Kit and perfecting artificial insemination in canaries, finches, small parrots, pigeons and doves so that I can share these skills with all my fellow bird breeders!

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Artificial Insemination Kits for Bird Breeders
Insemination REFILL Supplies
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The following Artificial Insemination Kits are now available:

Artificial Insemination for Canary and Finch Breeders

Artificial Insemination for Small Parrot Breeders

Artificial Insemination for Pigeon and Dove Breeders
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