Digital Egg Heart Monitor
               FOR BIRD and REPTILE EGGS!

We have used the Egg Buddy Digital Heart Monitor in both our bird room and in zoo breeding situations. We now rarely use an egg candler to determine if an egg is alive. Traditional candlers are only useful until the embryo fills the egg during the second half of its incubation. This is where the Egg Buddy really excels by giving instant monitoring of the embryo's heart rate.

The Egg Buddy uses special electronic sensors that amplify any movement or faint heart beat in the egg 20,000 times and is completely safe for the developing embryo! It is also a valuable tool for assessing when an unhatched chick is weakening and needs to be assisted to break free from the egg.

Simply turn the Egg Buddy on, place the egg on the sensor cup and close the lid. You will instantly be given information from the on board LCD screen via a flashing heart, pulse read out, and three-digit heart rate.

Knowing this vital information will help you avoid disaster by mistakenly discarding eggs that may be over the normal hatch date. Plus, your valuable developing eggs will not be damaged by a hot light from overuse of a candler.

The Egg Buddy can be used in your breeding room or out in the field, as it is battery operated. Conservation biologists frequently use the Egg Buddy on wild bird and reptile eggs as a valuable tool for their studies.
Digital Egg Heart Monitor Mk2
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