Coccidiosis is a parasitic organism that can infect many animals and all birds. There are several types that can infect each species of bird. Coccidiosis spreads through the droppings and in order to reproduce and requires a damp, warm environment. Outdoor lofts with dirt floors which remain damp can produce an ideal environment for this organism.

Animals such as dogs, cats, sheep, cows, pigs and many others are susceptible to this infection.

Once a bird or animal is infected, Intestinal inflammation occurs and this leads to diarrhea. In birds the droppings will be greenish-brown and may even be bloody. It usually inflicts the greatest damage on “weaned young birds”. Diarrhea is accompanied by ruffled feathers, a lethargic attitude, a lack of appetite and increased thirst. Regular cleaning and keeping your loft dry will help control Coccidiosis. If the floor stays damp, you may want to use a drying agent.

Dose: A powerful combination of Amprolium and Ethopabate for the effective treatment of Coccidiosis, a very common problem in birds. This product is one of the best available.

Use 1 teaspoon per gallon. The 250ml size makes over 20 gallons. Use for 5-7 Day
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